Builds critical 21st Century skills for all keyboarding students in grades K-12.

A Comprehensive Keyboarding Curriculum

Type to Learn is a research-based keyboarding proficiency solution. Type to Learn’s cloud-based platform is used by schools of all kinds nationwide with compatibility to virtually all classroom technologies including Chromebooks, iPads and laptops. The program’s game-based typing methodology engages all learners while promoting, assessing and recording each student’s level of mastery. Teachers and administrators are empowered to set individual and group settings. Every student's progress is easily viewed in Type to Learn's reports.


Why Type to Learn?

Type to Learn is trusted by over 15,000 schools to build the foundation for students to effectively utilize digital resources and online testing. Type to Learn is now on its 5th version and has evolved with direct feedback from teachers and administrators using Type to Learn. Type to Learn's methodology is based on research by Dr. Leigh Zeitz and highlights technique, ergonomics, and key location.

Engaging Activities

Students enjoy learning how to type with Type to Learn through game-based typing activities. Keyboarding lessons are specifically designed to keep students engaged while they are introduced to keystrokes and learn proper technique. Type to Learn automatically adapts to the level of the student and ensures students are progressing accordingly.

Classroom Management

Type to Learn classroom management was designed to effectively allow teachers to promote keyboarding mastery in the classroom. Teachers can group students based on ability, differentiate instruction through custom content, and easily see their classroom or individual progress. Type to Learn is now on its 5th version and has evolved based on the feedback from teachers.

Admin Reports

The administration portal of Type to Learn was designed to allow for easy setup and maintenance of school or district accounts. The robust Type to Learn Reporting Engine ensures student usage and progress are easily accessible. View the entire district summary, building level, classroom or individual progress reports. Type to Learn also has Clever single sign on integration.

“The new Type to Learn... is wonderful. Our students say they enjoy the game aspect of it and have even said the tests are fun. With the addition of captioning, our students have full access to the program. Thanks for making a great program and for making it accessible to hearing-impaired students!”

Sharee Darcé, Texas School for the Deaf

Type to Learn

White Paper

By Dr. Leigh E. Zeitz, Ph.D

Dr. Leigh E. Zeitz, Ph.D is an associate Professor for Instructional Technology, Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Northern Iowa.  Dr. Zeitz has written 7 books, including "Keyboarding Made Simple: Learn the Best Techniques for Keyboarding Like a Pro," authored over 60 articles, and given over 100 presentations on three continents about technology and education. Learn more about how Dr. Zeitz's research has helped shape the methodology behind Type to Learn.

Sunburst Guarantee

Type to Learn is owned and operated by Sunburst Digital. Sunburst Digital has connected educators with instructional technology and digital content solutions for three decades. Our warranty is the best in the industry and is tailored around ensuring long term relationships and success in the classroom.

What's Included

Reliability & Security

Type to Learn takes student privacy seriously. We also recognize the fact that classroom time is extremely valuable. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was chosen to host Type to Learn. AWS is the leader in cloud hosting and has the strictest security protocols,  redundancy and scalability in place to ensure your data is safe and always available.

Customer Support

Sunburst Digital works with every new school to ensure a seamless implementation. The Customer Success Team, along with your account manager, will ensure Type to Learn is being used effectively in your classroom. Live support is included for the life of your subscription, along with knowledge base and resources. Professional development is available for an additional cost.

Education Kit: $249

A Robo Wunderkind Education Kit includes:


  • System Module

  • Proximity Sensor

  • Servo Motor

  • Connector Cube

  • Button

  • RGB Light

  • 2 DC Motors

  • 2 Big Wheels

  • 4 Lego Adapters

  • Small Wheel

  • 6 Connectors

  • Wired Connector


Starter Kit: $179

A Robo Wunderkind Starter Kit includes:


  • Main Block

  • 2 DC Motors


  • Button

  • Small Wheel

  • 3 Connectors

  • 4 Lego Adapters

  • Wired Connector

  • 2 Big Wheels

Upgrade Starter/ Education
to Advanced Kit: $149

A Robo Wunderkind Advanced Kit includes:


  • Light Sensor

  • Motion Sensor

  • LED Screen

  • Button


  • Connector Cube

  • Small Wheel

  • 5 Connectors

  • 4 Lego Adapters

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