Subject: Math, Science, Social Studies, Dual Language
Grade Level: PK-K
Yes, Remote Learning Compatible

What is Sparkito! Kinder?

Sparkito! Kinder is the third solution in our English Spanish Success program. It provides teachers with an easy to use, guided program for language acquisition that compliments any Spanish or English Pre-K and Kindergarten learning environment.


Sparkito! Kinder contains multimedia content mixing songs with vocabulary reinforcement and student activities arranged in thematic units and instantly translatable (audio and on screen text) in Spanish and English. The program combines a simple “Plug n’ Teach” device for the classroom with an optional web-based student portal to help promote parental involvement and access to content outside the classroom.


Sparkito! Kinder online access is available by the month or by the year at a discounted price.








Check Out The User Guides

User Guide - English (PDF)

User Guide - Spanish (PDF)

Product Details

Subject: Math, Science, Social Studies, Dual Language

Grade Levels: Pre K - K

Type: Cloud based

Teaching Method: Teacher Led In-Classroom, Individual Learning

Operating System: Chromebooks

Remote Learning: Yes

What Makes Sparkito! Different?

Unlike traditional ESL of bilingual programs, the Sparkito! content was written by a content team of native Spanish speakers living and working in Monterey, Mexico. From pronunciation, to word choice and sentence structure, it will be quite obvious that this program features 100% "authentic language."


Effective instructional design and pedagogy

In Sparkito!, teachers will have the ability to teach concepts in a variety of way utilizing multiple modalities. Music is heavily used throughout the program and is a great way to create "sticky" content for kids.


Leverages your existing classroom technology

All a teacher really needs to make use of this content is a classroom projector. However if you have Interactive White Boards in your classrooms (SMART, Promethean, etc) this is the perfect way to put those technologies into use.


The Sparkito! Instructional Model

  1. Engage students with Sparkito! "Sing & Learn" lesson

  2. Reinforce vocabulary using digital flashcards

  3. Check for understanding using interactive student activities

  4. Congrats! You have achieved English Spanish Success!

Although there are a variety of ways to use the content, this is one very typical example of the "flow" of lesson delivery that a teacher would use. The lesson will begin with a fun and engaging "sing and learn" (which is also a perfect opportunity for sing-along) and then will immediately flow into reinforcing vocabulary. Then you can finish with some hands-on opportunities to check for understanding. Because 100% of the content is available in both languages, the teachers are always able to choose which language "mode" to be in at a particular time. For example, if your bilingual model is 50/50, the teacher could easily flip back and forth even in 1 instructional period.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am getting an error message when Sparkito! first loads, what do I do?

Sometimes the computer takes a few moments to load the USB driver. Close Sparkito!, wait 10 seconds and open Sparkito! again.


Can I copy Sparkito! to my computer or another device?

Yes! Sparkito! runs on both Windows and Mac operating systems.


Can I use Sparkito! on an interactive whiteboard?

Yes! Sparkito! is optimized for use on interactive whiteboards where activities may be completed by dragging and dropping items or drawing colored lines.


Can I use Sparkito! on my Mac?

Yes! Sparkito! runs on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Who is Sparkito?

Sparkito is our official mascot. He is raising the bar for all animals in the education world because he believes in truly innovating the classroom. Fun digital activities that engage and promote language skills for all Spanish and English early learners is what makes his tail wag. Sparkito is also a friend to communities and peers who recognize language acquisition with education is the way to english Spanish success. Did we mention he likes to dance?


Sparkito visits schools and reads to students! Contact us to request a visit from Sparkito today!

Sparkito - The official mascot of Sparkito's ELL software.


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