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English Spanish Success

We believe our dual language solutions bring freedom to young learners.


Our goal is to meet the growing demand from educational communities looking for academic achievement solutions that inspire Spanish-dominant learners.

The dual language solutions provided by Sunburst Digital target the needs of educational communities with academic achievement solutions for Spanish-speaking learners. We are intent on illuminating Latin lives by connecting educators and parents with innovative digital curriculum and instructional resources tailored to the needs of Spanish-speaking students and their support community. We offer a complete K-8 digital content solution focusing on dual language acquisition; a Kinder solution (Sparkito!), an elementary solution (Comprendo!), and a Middle School solution (Claro!).  This line of solutions offer support resources for non-Spanish speaking teachers working with Spanish-speaking students; and Nexo Familiar™ helps parents with limited English proficiency support their children’s school responsibilities.

“The ESS Mission is about promoting positive learning outcomes for Spanish-speaking student populations.”
We believe every young learner deserve English Spanish Success (ESS)

Our mission is to bring freedom to any young learner for a better and more fulfilling life, fundamentally improving any community, regardless of its location. All the labels such as: ESL, ELL, LEP and SLL should be replaced with plain talk about positive outcomes for bilingual students.

English Spanish Success is a division of Sunburst Digital, a leader in providing resources to teachers, students, parents, and school districts. Sunburst, as with ESS, continues its inspired tradition of enhancing and supporting local instruction with curriculum brands targeting Common Core, state and local standards that integrate seamlessly with existing 21st century technology. Sunburst is dedicated to delivering on the digital promise to education in service of teachers and student achievement

Our Dual Language Solutions

These three solutions are part of our English Spanish Success program.

Our scaffolded Middle School complement to Sparkito! and Comprendo!, Claro! moves your Spanish-dominant speakers from dual-language reliance to grade-level expectations for every state, common core across Math, Science and Social Studies.


Comprendo! is an easy to use scaffold digital curriculum for Spanish and English instruction complete with engaging interactive media, integrated assessments and focus on academic vocabulary across core subjects aligned to K-3 state standards and Common Core.


Sparkito! kinder provides teachers and parents with an easy to use, guided program for language acquisition that compliments any Spanish or English Pre-K and Kinder learning environment.

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