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Subject: Math, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, ELL Support
Grade Level: K-3
Yes, Remote Learning Compatible

What is Comprendo!?

Comprendo! is an easy to use scaffold digital curriculum for Spanish and English instruction complete with engaging interactive media, integrated assessments and focus on academic vocabulary across core subjects aligned to K-3 state standards and Common Core. Comprendo! is the second product offering in our English Spanish Success program aimed at illuminating Latin lives by connecting educators with curriculum and instructional resources promoting positive learning outcomes for native Spanish speakers.

Comprendo! provides teachers and parents with an easy to use, guided program for language acquisition that compliments any Spanish or English K through 3 learning environment.

Product Details

Subject: Math, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, ELL Support

Grade Levels: K-3rd

Type: USB Plug n' Teach

Teaching Method: Teacher Led In-Classroom

Operating System: Windows Only

Remote Learning: Yes

Why Choose Comprendo! Elementary?

Digital spanish-english curriculum by Comprendo!

Digital Curriculum

Comprendo! combines interactive media, music, tier 2 academic vocabulary, formative assessment, and student activities – all with the ability to instantly switch between Spanish and English content.

Plug n Teach device for elementary learning

Plug n' Teach

Comprendo! is delivered on a simple “Plug n’ Teach” device that requires no software installation and works on both Mac and PC. Use it with a projector, interactive whiteboard or student response system for maximum benefit!

Compatible with Learner Response Systems

Learner Response Systems

Comprendo! integrates seamlessly with most major Learner Response Systems, such as SMART™ Response Clickers, CPS™ Pulse, Renaissance Learning 2Know™ and NEO2™, and Promethean ActivExpression systems.

What Teachers Say

"Comprendo! artistically immerses students into a bilingual world of skills and knowledge. Comprendo! instantly engages students in learning, opening the door for English Spanish Success!"


Cecilia Colome

Director of Curriculum & Academic Standards

English Spanish Success



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