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Keyboarding Digital Learning Solutions

All solutions purchased from Sunburst Digital include implementation support and dedicated account management. 

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In today's day and age, typing is such an important skill to learn before student's reach high school. Our typing programs can teach proper touch typing technique to all grade levels and skill levels with adaptive technology.

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Type to Learn is a research-based typing program with a focus on keyboarding proficiency. Type to Learn’s cloud-based platform is used by all kinds of schools nationwide. Type to Learn has been thoughtfully designed to align with local, state and CCSS standards for typing. The cloud-based keyboarding curriculum ensures students are engaged, teachers have the right tools to introduce and advance students typing skills and expression, and administrators can easily assess overall student effectiveness of the curriculum.


Typing Training is a cloud-based program that teaches typing through the use of animated guides and over 2500 exercises. A unique hand function approach teaches typing based on the way our hands work. Specialized activities train each finger individually.

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