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Dual Language Digital Learning Solutions

All solutions purchased from Sunburst Digital include implementation support and dedicated account management. 

Call us today, or contact us online, to learn about possible specials available to your school or district!

Our line of English Spanish Success solutions covers grades Pre K through middle school and covers a variety of subjects. These solutions are the perfect learning solution for students still learning the English language.


Sparkito! kinder provides teachers and parents with an easy to use, guided program for language acquisition that compliments any Spanish or English Pre-K and Kinder learning environment.


Comprendo! is an easy to use scaffold digital curriculum for Spanish and English instruction complete with engaging interactive media, integrated assessments and focus on academic vocabulary across core subjects aligned to K-3 state standards and Common Core.


Our scaffolded Middle School complement to Sparkito! and Comprendo!, Claro! moves your Spanish-dominant speakers from dual-language reliance to grade-level expectations for every state, common core across Math, Science and Social Studies.

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