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Claro! ELL Support Learning Software
Subject: Math, Science, Social Studies, ELL Support
Grade Level: 4th-8th
Yes, Remote Learning Compatible

What is Claro!?

Claro! is our scaffolded Middle School complement to Sparkito! and Comprendo!, and is part of our English Spanish Success line of solutions.

The Claro! is a teacher-guided classroom tool, installable on any Windows computer, designed to improve core concept comprehension and elevate academic vocabulary understanding aligned directly to state standards. It can help move your Spanish-dominant speakers from dual-language reliance to grade-level expectations for every state.

Claro's engaging, easy-to-use multi-disciplinary approach to CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency) delivers on improved ELL outcomes for the standards-based content areas of Math, Science & Social Studies. Progress comes easier for even the hardest to reach learners in the course of whole class or small group instruction with ELL easing classroom management and inclusion challenges faced by all ELL teachers.

Claro! Includes:

  • ELAR standards-based embedded Strategies and Academic Vocabulary terms

  • Spanish audio translations embedded for all terms and definitions

  • Interactive media sequenced with Spanish Instructional Context Notes

  • 18,000+ Formative & Summative Spanish translated Assessment opportunities

  • Embedded Spanish academic Warm-Ups!/Bell Ringer activities for each topic

Product Details

Subject: Math, Science, and Social Studies, ELL Support

Grade Levels: 4th-8th

Type: Installable Program

Teaching Method: Teacher Led In-Classroom

Operating System: Windows Only

Remote Learning: Yes

What Teachers Say

“One of the things we like best about these products is the ease of use.  They are very self explanatory and teachers can use them without having to go through days and days of inservices.  They captivate the students’ attention and explain concepts in a manner that is easy for the students to grasp.”


Dr. Virginia N. Ritcher

Area I & II Administrator

Pharr-San Juan - Alamo ISD

Claro! Curriculum

The Claro! is an iteration of the Ignite! Learning curriculum with the addition of ELL support. To see the detailed curriculum, or to see example videos of the Ignite! Learning software, check out the Ignite! Learning page.

Spanish-english digital curriculum by Claro!


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