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Subject: Math, Science, Social Studies
Grade Level: 4th-8th
Yes, Remote Learning Compatible

What Is Ignite! Learning?

Ignite! Learning is a simple to use digital content solution for grades 4 through 8.  This teacher tool engages students with interactive, standards-aligned lessons in the core subjects of Math, Science and Social Studies.

Ignite! Learning has over 4,500 pieces of engaging educational multimedia, including music video, animation, and interactive pieces teaching comprehensive math, science, and social studies through an easy-to-use delivery platform for middle school grades.

How Does It Work?

Simply install the Ignite! Learning program onto your laptop or desktop computer and launch the software. Using a projector or online meeting platform, you can display the content to your whole classroom. Ignite! Learning works great with Zoom.

Ignite! Learning employs an interactive learning approach through the use of engaging educational multimedia, including music video, animation, and interactive pieces teaching the basics through a number of easy-to-use delivery platforms for middle school. Ignite! Learning offers a unique method of frequent and varied assessment that includes over 18,000 formative assessment questions directly tied to teachable moments as well as meeting the individual learning needs of each student.

Who is Ignite! Learning For?

Ignite Learning is the middle school digital content solution focusing on motivating hard to reach learners and enhancing local standards-based instruction - updated to the latest NGSS guidelines.

Unlike multimedia resources, education resources, and lab-based programs, we target lasting middle school progress with interactive materials designed to current state, local, subject and grade-level priorities integrating existing technology, supporting classroom instruction, and promoting critical thinking. 

Product Details

Subject: Math, Science, and Social Studies

Grade Levels: Core 4th-8th

Type: Installable Program

Teaching Method:  Teacher Led In-Classroom

Operating System: Windows only

Remote Learning: Yes

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More Math Lessons:

  1. Pi

  2. Least Common Multiple


More Science Lessons:

  1. Scientific Notation

  2. Geography


More Social Studies Lessons:

  1. Juneteenth

  2. The Civil War

Ignite! Learning Curriculum

Ignite! Learning curriculum is designed to emphasize connections among concepts, making them "stickier" — easier to learn and remember. This is because we recognize that students learn by building conceptual bridges between new information and what they already understand. The Ignite! Math, Science, and Social Studies media libraries consist of movies, songs, animations, charts and graphs, and interactive pieces to engage students and promote a deeper understanding of key concepts. Ignite! Learning media goes far beyond "edutainment" to use instructionally sound practices to boost stickiness. From big-picture questions to intrinsic humor to mnemonic devices, our media engages students in a way that helps them really engage with and understand core curriculum concepts.


Ignite! Learning has designed its curriculum to achieve the following principles:

  • Accommodate diverse learning styles

  • Challenge students to learn by doing

  • Help students learn in context by unifying big-picture ideas

  • Help students recognize relevance of material to their daily live

  • Challenge students to demonstrate learning in a variety of ways

The comprehensive Ignite! Learning curriculum is made up of full standards-aligned Math, Science, and Social Studies courses, featuring 180 days of instruction. With over 3,000 media pieces and print lessons as well as enrichment activities, and frequent and varied assessment, our curriculum provides relevant instruction for your entire scope and sequence!


  1. Lesson Plans: Ignite! Learning curriculum includes lesson plans to use when planning instruction.

  2. Media: The Ignite! Learning media library consists of movies, songs, animations, charts, graphs, and interactive pieces to engage students and promote a deeper understanding of key concepts.

  3. Student Activities: Each unit contains a unit challenge and student activities to develop critical thinking through discussion and written activities.

  4. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills Activities: Ignite! Learning curriculum contains "whole-class" activities that help create a truly interactive classroom. Perfect for reinforcing difficult-to-learn concepts and important topics while fostering critical thinking.

  5. Assessments: Test students' understanding of material through individual or whole-class assessments.  Ignite! Learning has over 18,000 formative assessment questions of a variety of question types built directly into the media aiding teachers in evaluating student understanding at the moment of instruction.

Integrated Print Materials

Student activities, academic vocabulary, formative and summative assessment including unit tests, teacher guides, and answer keys at your fingertips! Use in conjunction with the Ignite! Multimedia whole-class instruction system to extend lessons to individual students and small groups.

Our Instructional Design Strategies

  • Media Templates

  • Media Deconstruction

  • Narrative

  • Humor

  • Challenging Questions

  • Pop Culture Formats

  • Music

  • Rhyme

  • Metaphor

What Teachers Say

"[Ignite!] is one of the best things that could have ever happened for my students. This has greatly increased student engagement and learning. It makes learning fun. The [curriculum] pushes students to use higher level thinking skills and aids in helping the students retain information."


TaShayra Shorter

8th Grade Science Teacher

Plummer Middle School, Aldine, TX

Case Studies

Austin Middle School in Beaumont, TX

  • Significantly impacted achievement in Science (20% gains) & Social Studies (18% gains)

  • Brought success to African American & Economically Disadvantaged subgroups

  • Provided variety and impact to the test prep/review process

Rockhill Elementary School in Stafford County, VA

  • Ability to pace the media critical to engagement

  • Reviewing lessons in Spanish and English vital for developing comprehension in ESL students

  • Daily use possible due to complete coverage of U.S. History to 1865 Virginia Standards of Learning

Stanton Elementary School in El Paso, TX

  • Catapulted the school into Academically Exemplary status

  • Boosted engagement, leading to increased retention

  • Expanded the vocabulary of the bilingual students

  • Fostered a successful peer tutoring program

Additional Information


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