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Subject: Health, Fitness, Wellness, SEL
Grade Level: K-5
Remote Learning Compatible

What is Adventure 2 Learning?

Adventure 2 Learning (A2L) is on a mission to provide quality, fun and engaging fitness and well-being content to schools across the U.S.

Their goals are to save you time by providing an easy-to-use platform with pre-vetted content available to you at any time, inspire your students to lead healthier lifestyles, and to create a community of educators passionate about supporting mental, physical and academic wellness of their students.


A2L is a unique educational platform, offering a variety of select videos, specially created and curated to support active learning in K-5 classrooms. You can choose exercise only videos, such as the Fitbound or Mission Move series. Or you can incorporate other subjects in the exercises process with their Adventure to Fitness, Active Math and Active Literacy series.

Library of Content Includes Core Curricula and Emerging Topics:


  • Social and Emotional Learning

  • Health

  • Fitness

  • Climate Literacy

  • Digital Literacy

  • Financial Literacy

  • Nutrition

Pricing as low as $1 per student. Request a quote today!

Product Details

Subjects: Health, Fitness, SEL, Wellness

Grade Levels: K-5th

Type: Cloud-based. Only requires access to a web browser and internet.

Teaching Method: Teacher Led In-Classroom, Small Group Instruction or Individual Learning.

Operating System: N/A (cloud-based)

Remote Learning: Yes, fully compatible with Zoom and Google Meet.

Why Choose Adventure 2 Learning?

Variety of on-demand educational videos.



Stream a wide-variety of educational videos across a range of health-related subjects such as Fitness, Nutrition, Digital Literacy, Climate and SEL

Easy-to-use online video platform.

Easy to Use


The on-demand videos and supplemental resources are all together in one, easy-to-use platform. Just find your video and click play!

Curated video content for teachers.

Curated Content


A2L’s team of accredited educators and experts review and approve each video so you know you're getting high quality content from a safe source.

What Educators Say

"As a physical education teacher, I love Adventure 2 Learning! I signed up for access to the Mr. Marc videos, but I have found so much more. This is a great tool for all teachers. Students are engaged and have fun with the different types of videos offered."

Mike D., P.E. Teacher


How Does Adventure 2 Learning Fit into Classrooms?

Adventure 2 Learning resources are specially designed for classroom use and flexibility, supporting a wide range of instructional purposes and needs, including:

  • Lesson Introductions & Supplements

  • P.E. Classes

  • Classroom “Brain Breaks”

  • Subject Transitions

  • Content for Kinesthetic and Non-Traditional Learners

  • Indoor P.E. & Recess Solutions

  • Before & After School Activities

Kids using Adventure2Learning in school.
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