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Digital Learning Solutions
for Middle School

All solutions purchased from Sunburst Digital include implementation support and dedicated account management. 

Call us today, or contact us online, to learn about possible specials available to your school or district!


Our supplemental learning solutions for Middle School include keyboarding curriculum, interactive math, science and social studies content as well as popular STEM robotics. Our purchase process and implementation are always quick and easy, with Customer Support standing by to help.

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Type to Learn has 34 lessons, 5 engaging, skill-targeted typing games with each lesson, and 7 diagnostic, formative, and summative keyboarding assessments. Developed on a research-based method of sequential, cumulative touch typing instruction, Type to Learn builds critical 21st Century skills for all keyboarding students in grades K-12.


Codementum is an intuitive platform that teaches students the basic concepts of coding such as logic and problem solving, as well the actual programming languages of JavaScript and Python. Codementum provides all the curriculum, intuitive tools, and resources you need to run a successful computer science program.

Ignite! Learning digital content solution for teachers

Ignite! Learning is a simple to use, Windows installable program, containing digital content for grades 4 through 8. This teacher tool engages students with interactive, standards-aligned lessons in the core subjects of Math, Science and Social Studies.


StudioWeb is designed to assist teachers in the classroom (age 12+ yrs) by providing a series of video training courses, easy to understand, on the key web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more.


Wonder Workshop's family of award-winning robots and age-appropriate apps encourage hands-on play and learning to make creative problem-solving tangible. Wonder Workshop's robots Dash, Dot, and Cue provide educators with a concrete way to teach an abstract concept: coding.


Our scaffolded Middle School complement to Sparkito! and Comprendo!, Claro! moves your Spanish-dominant speakers from dual-language reliance to grade-level expectations for every state, common core across Math, Science and Social Studies.


Typing Training is a cloud-based program that teaches typing through the use of animated guides and over 2500 exercises. A unique hand function approach teaches typing based on the way our hands work. Specialized activities train each finger individually.

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