Subject: Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
Grade Level: 1st-6th
Remote Learning Compatible

What is Mightifier?

Mightifier is a positive education program helping students to master social and emotional skills. Regular use of Mightifier app in the classroom or during remote learning creates a safe and encouraging learning environment, and reduces stress and decreases bullying.


Mightifier Well-being Pulse allows you to check how your students are doing and get alerts when anyone requires more support.

Mightifier Remote Teaching SEL exercises and strength message rounds from student to student and self-evaluation opportunities create a positive and engaging spirit for your students!

The Benefits of Mightifier:

  • Safer learning environments

  • Early detection of isolation & bullying

  • More and better relations

  • Improved social skills

  • Character development

Mightifier Includes:

  • SEL Skills Development: Character strengths development and individual strength profiles for students and teachers.

  • Well-Being Data & Insights: Wellbeing Pulses and dashboards for students and teachers.

  • Support Material for Improvement: Strength curriculum for students and TEAM Mightifier professional development materials.

Product Details

Subject: SEL

Grade Levels: 1st - 6th

Type: Cloud-based. Only requires access to a web browser and internet.

Teaching Method: Teacher Led In-Classroom or Small Group Instruction.

Operating System: N/A (cloud-based)

Remote Learning: Yes, fully compatible with Zoom and Google Meet.

Why Choose Mightifier?



Digital social-emotional learning tool creates safe & respectful learning environments.

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Saves Teachers' Time

Individual strength feedback to all students in minutes. Mightifier’s recommended SEL-lesson plans fit every class’s needs.


Measured Impact

Data and insights on class, school & district levels for early-stage isolation and bullying detection and prevention.


Preventing and Dissolving Isolation and Bullying by Teaching Character Development


Mightifier is based on positive psychology and character strengths. Every students needs a safe and encouraging learning environment to make learning and flourishing possible. Positive pedagogy guides all students towards a balanced and meaningful life.

Teaching Materials

The program has been co-created together with Finnish educators and students. Mightifier support materials have been created by a multi-professional team of educators, psychologists, and positive pedagogy experts.

What Customers Say

“It has been great to use Mightifier, which has top-notch usability! Students have unanimously agreed that Mightifying is fun and easy.”


Teacher from Finland

Mighty Results



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